Recovery Service

Members of Farmkey know that, should their horse stray or be stolen, they can rely on our 24 hour, 365 day a year nationwide back up service. We have over 200,000 members trusting us to protect their horses and relying on us in times of crisis. Our links with the police, auctioneers, exporting slaughterhouses, the RSPCA and Horsewatch groups have made Farmkey the watchword for equine security.

Once a member, Farmkey will keep full details of your horse on our database and in the event that it is stolen or strays we will immediately inform the organisations listed above.

In addition we also:

  • Place advertisements in selected horse journals.
  • List details on our website, The Stolen Horse Register and alert our members, technicians and other organisations via our LOC8 text messaging service.

  • Pay up to £5,000 reward for information which leads to the conviction of anyone stealing a Farmkey freezemarked horse.
  • Pay up to £150 towards the transport costs of returning a stolen freezemarked horse.

Our network is so extensive and effective that  over 95% of freezemarked horses which have been stolen, are safely returned to their owners.

What happens if your horse goes missing?

  1. Search your field and surrounding areas looking for damaged fencing or gates left open.
  2. Ask local farmers and residents of any sightings of horses or vehicles.
  3. Contact Farmkey with the freezemark number and details of when and where the horse went missing from.
  4. Inform your local police and obtain a crime reference number.