Passport Price List

New Passports:

£20.95 for Farmkey Members

£24.95 for Non Members

£35.00 for Fast-track Passport (All fast track applications should be posted to Farmkey, Alpha Building, London Rd, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 7JW.) Please state clearly on your passport form that you are applying for a FAST TRACK passport.

£20.95 for iDENTICHIP customers

Duplicate Passports:

£19.95 Please email or call for a duplicate application form.

Replacement Passport:

£24.95 Please email or call for a replacement application form.

Transfer of Ownership:

£12.95 To transfer the ownership on a passport issued before 01st July 2009 there is a section towards the back that you have to fill in, which is headed “transfer of ownership and endorsement of acceptance of owners” There are 4 boxes to a page which say name of new owner, put all of your details in this section and send the whole passport back to us. There is a fee to transfer of £12.95. Cheques can be made payable to Farmkey.

For passports issued after 01st July 2009, the section to input your name and address is above section IV.

The transfer may take up to 2-3 weeks depending on whether the correct sections have been signed.

Transfer of ownership must be lodged with Farmkey within 30 days of sale.

Change of Name and/or Address:

£9.95 To make these amendments on your equine passport please send in a covering note, along with the whole of your passport, with the amendments that need to be made.