About Us

The Company

Farmkey has been an established freezemarking company for over 30 years now.

We Believe we hold the UK’s biggest database for freezemarked and microchipped horses.

There are an estimated 1.35 million horses in the UK and we have marked around 210,000, which works out at over 15% of all horses in the UK.

Our company was set up and is run by horse lovers. By people who can understand the needs and worries of a horse owner.

At Farmkey we believe that your horses safety is paramount. That is why, with our freezemark your horses chance of being stolen are dramatically reduced and most importantly the chances of getting your horse back are greatly improved.

Our recovery rate is over 95%. We have links with the ILPH, (world horse welfare) RSPCA, Horsewatch groups and many more equine sources. We pride ourselves on getting the information out on your horse immediately, to as many people as possible.

Kind Regards

Farmkey Team